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SurgeProtecting your home from damaging power surges is easy when you depend on the expert advice and quality surge protection solutions and installations from the team at Jahn Electric. We'll customise and install the ideal system to give you complete confidence and protection.


TrustedPower surges are unpredictable and can be expensive, costing you real money to repair damaged appliances and wiring or greater expense if you have to replace items that have been irreparably damaged. Store bought power strip surge protectors may offer some protection, but only to appliances that happen to be plugged in to the power strip when a power surge occurs, and they don't protect the electrical system itself.

At Jahn Electric, our professionally customised surge protection solutions are installed at the panel board, providing you with a far superior level of protection against power surges across your entire home.  It can help protect all those appliances and services we depend upon in our daily lives, such as computers, TVs, phones that are charging, refrigeration, cooling as well as critical medical equipment and security systems.


Enjoy the additional peace of mind that comes with knowing your new surge protection system has been professionally installed by experienced and skilled electrical experts and will provide you with an increased level of protection should a power surge occur.


We're not limited to particular brands or systems, so can offer you impartial advice on the best surge protection system to suit your individual needs as well as budget.


With our per job pricing which we provide to you before work commences, you can relax knowing the price is fixed right through to completion of work.


Not only do we provide a written warranty on the quality of our workmanship, we'll help you to choose the best system with the best manufacturer warranty too.


When you choose Jahn Electric you'll enjoy a level of customer service you'll be delighted with – satisfaction guaranteed. Our friendly team will take the time to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your surge protection needs and offer expert advice.

For expert surge protection solutions in Southwest Ohio and surrounding areas, call and speak with the surge protection specialists at Jahn Electric today.

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